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John J.Spurr, DDS
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Perfecting your Beauty Boudoir
Summertime Tresses
Camera-Ready Traveler
Are You the Most Beautiful Person in the Room?
Get Glowing
Spring Cleaning for Your Beauty Routine
Luscious Lids, Lacquer & Lips
10 Ideas for Winter Beauty
Recoup, Reflect and Look Radiant
Tips For Gorgeous Skin
Never Use Red Copy in an Ad & other stuff I've learned along the way
Getting Help with Financial Issues at the Death of a Spouse
What if We Stopped Advertising?
Sharpening Your Business Skills in the Summer
No Longer a Mad Men's World
Are You Single? Are You Financially Secure?
Why Politicians Run Negative Ads
Saving on Taxes for Your Small Business
The Changing Economy
Higher Education’s Best Kept Secret
Quilting As Fine Art? You Bet!
Stitching a Work of Art
Look Who's Talking - Kathy Gibbons
Look Who's Talking - What's that under there?
Kalamazoo Institute of Arts Fair
Look Who's Talking: Mother's Day Tribute
Home Runs & Hot Dogs - Kalamazoo Growlers Return for a Second Season
From Inspiration to Reality - A Saugatuck Cottage Makeover
Recharge & Renew Your Work Group with a Spring Retreat
What Does Your Beach Go-To Say About You?
Go from Professional Workday to Evening Out with Ease
Your Eco Purse-onality
A Fabric Affair
disAbility Etiquette: A Personal Point of View as Careers Intersect
What Should I Wear?
Harness the Power of Color in Your Professional Wardrobe
Womens Fall 2014 Eyewear Trend
How to Pack Your Executive Wardrobe Into a Carry-On
Let Your Style Sizzle
Protein Banana Pancakes
Quick and Healthy Meal Ideas to Start the School (and Work) Day the Right Way
Mocktail Inspiration
The Anatomy of a Wine Glass
Revamp Your Comfort Food Favorites
Wine is a Girl's Best Friend: Cava? Sekt? Prosecco? Spumante? Champagne? Franciacorta? Sparkling Wine!
Tastes from the Kitchen: Maestro's
Secrets to the Perfect Backyard Grilled Menu
Savor the Summer On the Grill
Check Your Front We've Got Your Back
Feng Shui & Your Health
Prevent Mold for Better Health
Headache Basics - Treatment and Prevention Advice
Moving On The Healthy Way
Hydration Proclamation: The Benefits of Drinking Water
Hiking with your Hound
In Shape Apps
The Dish on Today's Contraceptives
Rhonda Hall's Story - Diabetes Survivor
Market Preview: Real Estate & Design Trends
Entryways The First Impression
KISS Keep It Simple Sister
Falling into Interior Design
Listen to the Music: Creating Harmony With Your Interior Decor
Creating a Sensual Space
Function and Focus In Your Home Office
The Outdoor Room
DIY Multi-Purpose Chalk Board
A Patch of Possibilities
Reader's Lounge - October 2015
Rake & Roll
5 Freezer Hacks that Save Time & Money
8 Ways to Get Ahead by Doing Less
Water You Waiting For?
Reader's Lounge - July 2015
Reader's Lounge - July 2015
The Paddling Pup Water Safety for your Dog
Summer Screenings
An Interview with Julia Baird
Fall Feature Films
Date Your Mate
Set the Tone: Copy Time for Two
Modern Day Women From Day to Night
Can You Have It All?
Parent's Dilemma: How Can I Help?
Connect with Your Man
Sharing Finances as a Cohabitating Couple
Sharing Finances as a Cohabitating Couple

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